Bernadette und Chris 

Bernadette’s and Christopher’s wedding was an especially nice task for us.
Bernadette’s parents are originally from Austria, but have lived in Asia und America in the last few years and are now residents of New York. Christopher’s parents live in Paris at the moment, and therefore it was our challenge to combine all cultural same as familiar aspects as good as possible.

The decision, to choose Salzburg as the place to get married, had 2 reasons. Many Americans, who of course were invited to this wedding, knew Salzburg from various movies and also the bridal parents got married in the Mozart birth town 30 years ago.
All 180 guests arrived one day before the wedding so they could all join a traditional Austrian evening above the roofs of Salzburg.

The church wedding was held in the famous wedding chapel of Salzburg in 2 languages. Afterwards all guests were invited to an extensive reception, where they could all enjoy the beautiful mountain scenery.
The program for the evening was an elegant exclusive dinner followed by a glittering party which lasted all night!